Father's Day with Hamish Guthrie

Father's Day with Hamish Guthrie


Director at the studio of Hecker Guthrie / Interior designer

Father of two girls; Jos (12) & Sybil (8).

Fatherhood is its own reward. Being a father, put simply, forces you to learn more about yourself. It has taught me empathy through a heightened awareness of others’ perspectives, needs and a general sensitivity to others’ emotions. I have grown to be more patient, more sensitive, and my heart has definitely softened over the years.

Together we learn to appreciate simple pleasures, rediscovering the joys of play. Along the way, I’ve found a love that I didn’t know existed.”

Hamish’s top picks are :

Hasami Porcelain; Having just turned 50, for some reason, I feel somewhat compelled to equip myself with the right tools for life. Filling in some of those gaps in the armoury, enriching experiences through objects of design. Hasami porcelain tableware now tops the list of items being coveted. The embodiment of traditional Japanese craft and modernity in design, the collection speaks through its tactility, simplicity, usability and individuality. I’m also drawn to the modular design,  allowing for stacking/ nesting, making it the perfect collection to add to over the years. Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas …..happy for this to be my predictable go to.

Acorn Vase by Ilex studio; I first discovered these beautiful objects in the amazing Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm. They had curated a vast installation of these vases throughout the store, with sprouting oaklings perfectly celebrating the change of season. The fragility of these delicate vivid green specimens sitting in contrast to the harshness of late winter outside. Beyond being a healthy reminder of the seasons, regeneration and growth, I love the simplicity of design and the clarity of the idea.

Anchor Ceramics Dog bowls by Bruce Rowe; I have long been an admirer of local ceramicist and all-around good guy Bruce Rowe. With Aligned architectural sensitivities, we have had the privilege to collaborate and immerse ourselves in some fantastic projects and adventures over the years. The More you get to know Bruce, the more you see the joy in his work. I love that he has turned his craft into a prosaic domestic object, like the dog bowl. Through these bowls, the fundamental human-animal connection is celebrated – an object that joyfully meets the needs of the animal and pet owner alike. Having just said that, perhaps the more subtle nuances of Bruce’s work might be lost on my food-obsessed hound Elka, turning bowl into a mosh pit of jowls, saliva and kibble as she consumes her meal like its about to be stolen.

HGS Creamed honey is definitely one of my simple pleasures. The smooth, creamy texture of the honey paired with the crustiness of the sourdough bread makes me a very happy lad. Perhaps some nostalgic pondering, but this pairing evokes some of the flavours of my childhood growing up near Warrandyte, the fresh honey from the hive and fresh homemade bread from the oven HGS Creamed honey is a staple in the pantry.

Nanohana candle set; We seek to find that perfect lighting solution for each project through our work. We tirelessly edit and source products through a lens of; the stylistic expression of the fitting itself and /or the controlled ambience we seek to create. Refreshingly, The candle sits independently from these two realms. The candle celebrates light at its most fundamental level of expression. Through the act of placing a candle in a space, the primordial warmth of a naked flame not only innately connects to our humanity, but grounds us to that space and connects at that most intimate of levels.