Father's Day with Lou Weis

Father's Day with Lou Weis


Creative Director of Broached Commissions.

Broached Commissions is Australia’s leading narrative-driven applied arts and public art commissioning studio. Lou’s work overlaps with the brilliant interior designs of his partner Kim Kneipp.

Kim and Lou support and foster the childhood dreams of Felix (14 and aspiring AFL player) and Maxi (8, bilingual in German and aspiring scientist).

Lou’s top picks from The Hub General Store are :

Studio Henry Wilson Stack Trays Bronze; Of all the Australian product designers, I know Henry Wilson has by far the best hair; the gentle waves and folds are great. The mixture of brutalism, with hints of deco, much of his work now conveys is also beautifully executed. I admire his practice and again, as with the clean shave, wish I was the kind of person who had a clean desk and a spot for everything.

Proraso Pre Shave Cream; I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being the man who wakes each morning, goes on a run and then shaves. Maybe it’s the subliminal influence of the Gillette commercials absorbed through my youth, but it remains a fleeting ideal, as I am quite lazy about all the patchy hair on my head. Being bald, I generally wait a month, and then when I start looking like John Howard, I use clippers on zero over my entire head.

Kinto Day Off Tumbler; I like water bottles without a nipple. It seems emotionally regressive to need one to feel happy consuming a fluid. Also, I always forget to bring water to any activity I do. During COVID, this has meant being quite parched during workouts and tennis matches, as all the taps are turned off. At these times, I imagine my beautiful water bottle sitting idle at home whilst I become seriously dehydrated.

Redecker Dish Brush Leather Strap; I do so many dishes. Well, doing dishes once or twice a day feels like a burden, not a huge amount by the standards of a religious family with a dozen kids, but relentless, it seems! Kids have no idea how food transforms once it dries, the gluten content of wheat products and how it sets to concrete. This brush would come in handy as I scour away their food chemistry ignorance.

Tangent GC Shoe Care Set; As a teenager, the women in my life I most looked up to all said you could judge a man by his footwear. They were quite specific; shoes needed to be polished, but that was not all; a polished shoe with a worn-out sole indicated a man who was only superficially fastidious – a potential fraudster. I have always tried to abide by the rules these discerning, sophisticated women set by combining dapper style with attention to detail.