Father's Day with Paul Barbera

Father's Day with Paul Barbera


Photographer / Director

I’m a photographer of life and style, based out of NYC in Kingston in Upstate New York (where this photo was taken in front of my 200-year-old home). However, I am originally from Melbourne, and I spent 2020 there when my wife became pregnant with our baby boy.

We were only meant to stay for the summer, but everything somehow worked out so that our families were able to share his first six months of life. Fatherhood is not a solo activity. I was grateful I was able to lean on my friends and family for support and love.”

Paul’s top picks from The Hub General Store are :

The Society Inc Banks Lantern 50; This lantern is now installed in one of my bedrooms in my house in Kingston, NY. The Fabric material beautifully softens the light. A twist on a classic light!

Fog Linen Work Handle Brass; Everything I’ve chosen I either own or have versions of. I did a mini renovation on my apartment in St. Kilda. I think I must have bought 20 of these amazing handles in brass as a hack for my Ikea cupboards.

Victorinox Huntsman Black; How many Swiss Army knives are too many? MY WIFE GIFTED ME TWO FOR MY BIRTHDAY, AND I USE THEM AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. I would be tempted to add this to my collection too; you always want the tools you don’t have. If I don’t lose them, I will pass them on to my son.”

Avanti Orange Squeezer; These are so much easier and quicker to use than an orange juicer. I can’t believe I didn’t discover them earlier. It’s a must-have for every dad and home – squeeze away!

Hasami Mug Cup Natural; I think that these designs are timeless. The texture of this ceramic is unique, and that makes it easy to hold. I also love the lid; it keeps the tea warm and you can also place your used teabag on it.