Father's Day with Troy Wheeler

Father's Day with Troy Wheeler


co-owner of Meatsmith, a butcher and speciality food store.

“I grew up in a small border country town on the Murray river called Barham. I started my career as a butcher at a young age, and I was a typical country kid that loved camping, fishing, playing footy and having a beer with my mates at the pub.”

Troy lives in Richmond with his wife, Brittney (founder of Contain Design), his two daughters, Marlow and Juno, and Lowrider the Dachshund.

Troy’s top picks from The Hub General Store best represent his family and the products that he uses daily. Whether it is a lazy weekend breakfast with the girls or shared meals with friends and family, for him, food is that one thing that brings everyone together.

Troy’s favourite products are :

The Hub General Store Creamed Honeyis the best! The girls have porridge most mornings for breakfast, and it is never complete without this honey. Probably the most used preserve in our house, from simple salad dressings mixed with mustard, olive oil and lemon juice, middle easter grain salads mixed with tahini and pomegranate molasses, or simply on some crusty warm fresh bread with butter.

Serax Surface Chef & Pairing Knives are the perfect all-purpose knives, flawless Swedish design; the knife was designed with a collaboration between Tomer Botner, a celebrated Michelin starred chef and Sergio Herman.

Sergio Herman Surface Pots live on my stovetop; not only are they beautifully designed and crafted pieces of cookware, But they are perfect for all occasion’s, Whether it’s a quick mid-week pasta or a slow winter braise.

Anchor Ceramics Wall Hooks hand-made in Melbourne; Brittney and I love design based on function and form, whether our collection of chairs and furniture to ceramics and fixings. These anchor ceramics wall hooks are just beautiful, A timeless design that will suit multiple applications.