Classiky Imabari Gauze Wash Towel


Imabari prefecture is a centre for traditional weaving and cotton products in Japan. "The region where imabari towels are produced is blessed with soft water with very little content of heavy metals, such as the subsoil water of Soja River that runs from the Takanawa Mountain Range and underground water coming from the sacred Mt. Ishizuchi. Imabari is Japan' s largest towel production area.

Imabari towel standards stipulate that a towel must set to the bottom of water within 5 seconds of placement in water (precipitation method) this is to test a new towel's ability to soak up water without having to be washed first before use. imabari towels are characteristic in that they absorb sweat and water quickly and are gentle to the skin, without leaving your skin feeling sticky after wiping off sweat or drying your body after a bath."100% cotton

Classiky ''Imabari'' Gauze Wash Towel

Body towels and face washers for use in shower and bath made by traditonal textile maker in Imabari, Japan.

Cotton towel for baby (28470-01) : 25x50cm cotton 100% 

Cotton towel for adult (28471-01): 25x95cm cotton 100%

Soft gauze cotton face washer (28472-01): 32x37cm cotton 100%

Soft gauze cotton body towel (28473-01) 32x85cm cotton 100%

Made in Japan