LIFE Stationery Japanese L. Label Writing Pad Landscape A5
LIFE Stationery


LIFE Stationery Japanese Paper L. Label Writing Pad - Landscape A5 is for you if you love writing letters on beautiful, high-quality paper.

Featuring 30 sheets of hand-made, cream coloured Japanese paper, it is suitable for all types of pens and inks and suits Life Stationery's C6-size envelopes.

It contains superb quality 'L Writing Paper' unique to LIFE Stationery and high quality pulp in each sheet creating uniform fibres and giving a naturally smooth writing surface. Beautiful woven texture means each sheet does not reflect light and takes ink really well.

Each sheet of writing paper measures 14.8 x 21cm & 1cm horizontal lines x 12 rows.

Established in Tokyo in 1946, the LIFE Stationery Company is dedicated to producing handmade paper goods of incredible quality. LIFE still produces some of its most important correspondence items unchanged from their original designs.

Difficult to find outside Japan, Life’s range of correspondence papers and notebooks feature beautiful, timeless designs along with superior paper quality and function.

Handmade in Japan.