5th Element Bath Salts
5th Element


With the aim of bringing the healing power of the ocean into everyday life, Serena Dougall has created 5th Element Bath Salts, a beautiful range of ocean salts for the bath, shower and kitchen. These are pioneering products designed to mineralise the body and mind.

Salt does not like plastic, nor does the ocean. With this in mind, we package our products in cellophane and glass. Cellophane may look like plastic, but it is derived from the plant material, Cellulose which is 100% biodegradable and can be safely composted.

Much love and research have gone into creating this range of mineralising salt products. It is known that good health depends on the most delicate balance between salt and water. Together, they regulate the body's water content, so choosing a fully mineralised hand-harvested ocean salt is one of the best salt choices we can make.

All products are made in Melbourne & packed in ocean-friendly packaging.