Auntie Oti Kadi Pashmina Muffler


This devine Khadi Pashmina is made entirely by hand using traditional tools and natural dyes. Dyes come from the Tasu Flower and Turmeric. 10 % of the sales is shared for the education and healthcare of the girl child of the artisans in the rural areas of Jammu & Kashmir. Community made, taking up to 40 days from start to finish.

Auntie Oti started in 2011 with the mission to spotlight traditional “non-designed” everyday Indian items-blankets and shawls, towels and napkins, men’s lungis and women's saris-made from khadi, fabric made from hand-spun yarn by craftspeople in small, government-sponsored weaving groups all across the country. 

The collection has since grown to include items we design using skills and techniques specific to India such as tie+dye, block printing and indigo dyeing; incorporating them into simple accessories, bedding, and clothing. Explore a tiny slice of India's beauty and love of craftsmanship that has dazzled the world for centuries in our small collection of humble, handmade pieces.

Handmade in India and Kashmir