Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pans
Kamasada Studio


These Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pans are crafted using traditional Japanese 'nambu tekki' artisan techniques, with a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Though designed with sukiyaki and shabu-shabu in mind, these pans are versatile general purpose pots that can also be used from searing steak and sautéing vegetables to baking cornbread. Use them on the stove or put them straight in the oven for baking and roasting. Your pan will become increasingly nonstick over time with proper care.

The ultimate in compact storage and versatility, these Kumi Nabe (nesting pots) are stackable for compact storage and feature double handles for easy transfer to and from a heat source.

A master craftsman of Nambu Tetsu, traditional Japanese cast iron, Nobuho Miya works from his Kamasada ironware studio, founded by one of his ancestors in the Meiji era.

Each size is sold individually but are designed to nest comfortably as a set.

The small measures 5" in diameter,  Medium is 7.5" and large is 10"

Designed and made in Japan.