Classiky Map Pad


Classiky x Drop Around have designed pocket-size memos such as this ingenious map pad that will help organise your day without weighing you down.

The Map Paper Pad includes 75 sheets of an interesting design. On the right, you will find a grid pattern and on the left, a blank section with section titles for Date, From and To, as well as a middle section for Time.

This paper pad was designed for you to use to take notes and jot down a quick map as you are taking a walk. Instead of having to look down at your phone, print out a larger street map, use your creativity to make your own map to keep track of where you've been, what landmarks you have seen and passed and what was memorable about your journey.

Stay present as you are walking.

Classiky Map Pad is also great for taking notes of the time, destination, transfer station and route in your travels. Bring it with you on all your trips!

Size - 7.2 x 14.4cm

75 tear-off sheets in a pad.

Made in Japan.