Classiky Mitsou Mosquito Net Cloth


Mitsou Mosquito Net Cloth is made out of 100% cotton mosquito net fabric, designed by Mr Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten. It won the 2008 Good Design Award and Gold Award.

As the demand for mosquito net fabrics is declining in Japan, the idea of a mosquito cloth was birthed. The net fabric is not only large in size and thin, but it's also very strong. In addition, it absorbs water well when folded, and it's also quick drying.

These mosquito net cloths/rags are used for various purposes such as straining, laying and wrapping, and wiping surfaces.

It is also easy to wash and stains easily removed. In addition, the net fabric gets softer with use. Sewn-on loops allow them to be hung from kitchen hooks.

This beautiful yet functional net cloth is wrapped with a paper band of Mitsou's illustration, making it a perfect gift.

Made in Japan.