Claus Porto Soap Chic Tulip
Claus Porto


Claus Porto Chic Tulip Soap is formulated with 100% vegetable oils blended with pistachio nut seed oil, a well-known ingredient for its superior moisturising and skin-softening properties. This will help provide a rich, smooth and creamy lather. It is laminated up to three times to create a long-lasting soap bar.

Enjoy the stimulating scents of a Spring field for a restorative bath. Chic’s elegant scent will make your skin feel satiny and polished. Floral and yet surprising, this fragrance blends classic lavender and forget-me-not notes with unexpected pink pepper and kiwi, which changes the floral rules. Tonka and musk are added for a gourmand grand finale.

Hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original graphics from Claus Porto’s archives. Each Claus Porto Soap Chic Tulip soap is presented as a piece of art - timeless and unique.

Made in Portugal.