Bistro Donabe
Iga Mono


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This classic-style bistro donabe has the authentic rustic Iga-yaki look with a modern design. The lid is completely flat and fits tightly to the bowl. The knob is square-shape, and there are Nagatani-en's "iga-mono" logos etched on the handles.

This is a handy donabe for everyday use for hot pot, soup, stew, roasting, etc.

The flat bottom can be heated empty - unlike most donabe, this Bistro donabe can be heated without any liquid inside. So, this donabe is also ideal for sautéing or roasting, too. Also, the flat bottom makes it easier when you align ingredients in layers.

All the donabe and Iga-yaki products made by Nagatani-en are hand-crafted with care, so every piece is unique and no two pieces are identical. There are slight variations within the color, shape and patterns, and that makes each piece so special.

Ideal for gas stove top use, not suitable for electric or induction cooktop. Oven safe up to 250℃

Dimensions - 22.5 x H 10.5cm - including lid, capacity 1,200ml. 
Material - Clay
Included in the package: Donabe (bowl and lid) and English instruction sheet

Iga Mono factory was established in 1832. Made in Japan.