Igamono Donabe Steamer white


This Donabe Steamer white, made by Nagatani-en, is loved by both professional chefs and home cooks.

Founded in 1832, Nagatani is one of the leading producers of Iga-yaki pottery which is one of Japan’s most highly regarded traditional ceramics. Each donabe is made by skilled craftsmen and takes around two weeks to be made.

Donabe Steamer white is naturally porous and ideal for cookware as the small air pockets allows for even and fragrant slow cooking. It is designed to allow fat and oil to drain through the steam tray during cooking keeping food extra lean. 

It’s also ideal for serving the cold food such as sashimi, fresh vegetables with dip, fruit salad, etc. The water will drip through the grate to the bottom, so the ingredients won’t become too wet when the ice on the grate melts.

As a brand, Iga Mono has revived these centuries old ceramic materials and techniques of the Iga region with a contemporary touch. Iga Mono donabes have since become a staple in many Japanese kitchens.

Suitable for gas burners. Not suitable for induction or electric stovetops. Capacity - about 2 litres. 

Made in Japan.