Dux Classic Dual Box Sharpener with Tape Dispenser - Black


Classic Dual Box Sharpener with Tape Dispenser (Black) is a compact and durable combo that comes packaged in a box, and is as fun as it is functional.

This classic box metal sharpener features two holes for pencils and crayons up to 12mm wide that is mounted inside the lid; and a nifty tape dispenser, which is sure to bring back some nostalgic memories.

Made from Duroplast, the receptacle will catch all the shavings, while the tape dispenser can fit small rolls of tape with a with width of 25mm.

DUX have been making pencil sharpeners with traditional materials such as aluminium, brass and bakelite, as well as more modern plastics, in Germany since the 1930s. The times may have changed, but pencils still need sharpening, and good old-fashioned engineering is just as satisfying today as it was then.

Made in Germany.