Fog Linen Work Linen Tray - Grey Stripe
Fog Linen Work


Fog Linen Work Linen Trays - Grey Stripe, are useful, light-weight serving trays perfect for enjoying a snack. 

Fog Linen Work's designer Yumiko Sekine uses raw linen from Lithuania to create the base for her wonderful Linen Trays, which are then coated in durable poly resin. The coating allows the texture of the linen to come through, while providing a clean platform for serving snacks and appetisers. 

Material - 100% linen + polyester resin. 

Fog Linen Work Linen Trays - Grey Stripe are available in various sizes. 

** Care instructions: Use coasters with hot drinks and not suitable for extreme heat. Please don't place wet items on tray for too long, it will stain the tray.

Made in Japan.