How to Boil an Egg


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How to Boil an Egg Etc, is a collection of simple and unusual recipes for cooking eggs from Rose Bakery.

Renowned English chef Rose Carrarini of Rose Bakery has chosen her favourite classic and contemporary ways of using eggs This book features over 80 original recipes where the egg is the star, including all the basics like poached, scrambled and fried eggs.

How to Boil an Egg also features nearly 40 specially commissioned, full-page, original hand-drawn paintings of the finished dishes by award-winning botanical artist Fiona Strickland - making the book as much a treat for the eye as for the taste buds.

One of the most complete and nourishing of ingredients, this book shows how tasty and versatile eggs can be. This book will enable you to master the basics of cooking eggs as well as recreate some of the most popular dishes served in Rose Bakery.

Rose Carrarini and her husband Jean-Charles set up the original Rose Bakery, a small Anglo-French restaurant, shop and bakery, tucked away in a street near the Gare du Nord in Paris in 2002. Serving simple, fresh and healthy meals, their food blurs the boundaries between home and restaurant cooking.

Written by Rose Carrarini.