Karst Soft Cover A5 Notebook Black


Choose a tree-free, sustainable Soft Cover A5 Notebook (black) with impossibly smooth pages courtesy of Sydney's own Karst.

Made without cutting down a single tree, Karst notebooks use less water and less energy in the production process. Add in the fact that they're made using recycled calcium carbonate left over from construction and mining, and you've got a new standard in sustainable notebooks.

And far from just being good for the planet, a Karst notebook is beautiful to use, too. Karst Stone Paper pages are robust and waterproof, and love rollerballs, ballpoints, pencils and more.

Karst Soft Cover A5 Notebook Black available in Lined/ Blank/ Dot/ Square Grid

Features - Unique waterproof cover; tear resistant; expandable back pocket for storage; thread bound to lay completely flat; divider ribbon.

Designed in Sydney, Australia