Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Pencil 3.2mm


The Kaweco Classic Sport is a push-button clutch pencil (3.2mm) featuring its signature octagonal design. This lead holder features a high-quality engineered plastic body and a metal Kaweco logo on the push button. It's perfect for writing, sketching, and drawing.

Pressing the button opens the metal clutch mechanism, allowing the lead to be extended, retracted, or replaced. At just 10.5cm it's very compact and slips easily into a pocket or purse. It's easily refilled with any 3.2mm mechanical pencil lead.

Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Pencil 3.2mm comes with a pocket clip and a 3.2mm 5B graphite lead to get you started.

Note: New lead should be inserted through the tip of the pencil. Do not remove the top push button.

Made in Germany.