Kaweco Special Push Pencil 0.7mm


With a striking, simple silhouette, the Kaweco Special Mechanical push Pencil (0.7mm) is a beautiful addition to your pencil case.

Made of solid aluminium with an anodised coating, the Special's octagonal barrel fits neatly in your hand, with a reassuringly solid heft that makes it easy to settle in for long sessions of sketching, designing or writing.

The solid feel extends to the Special's top knock button, with a satisfying, Japanese-made push-button mechanism for advancing your lead with total control.

Measures - L 14.2cm, Refillable with Kaweco graphite lead refills.

Kaweco Special Push Pencil 0.7mm is available in Aluminium (black pencil), brass (brass pencil).

Designed & made in Germany.