Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer


This Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer is for admirers of refined design - and slow coffee! It lets you replace the frenzied dash to a crowded cafe with a few minutes of mindful focus, and helps you produce a light, delicious coffee.

The SCS brewer, features a neat, economical design that allows you to engage fully in the ritual of making coffee.

Simply place one of the included cotton/stainless steel filters in the holder, add your coffee and slowly pour water, letting it flow into a serving jug or directly into your mug.

Japanese homewares company Kinto have been designing and producing smart, design-driven products since 1972. Kinto's sensibly designed tableware and serving ware carefully balances usability and aesthetics to provide comfort for everyday use.

2 cups - H 7 x W 11cm, 9.5cm (dia)
4 cups - H 8.5 x W 13cm, 12cm (dia)

Microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Designed and made in Japan.