Laurence Humier Smart Money Maker Cards
Alchemy Matter Llc


Smart Money Maker is an economic card game for 2-6 players of all ages (10-99) that illustrates the rules of collaborative consumption. The New Economy is based on a simple concept: circulating assets earn returns. Profit is generated by sharing personal resources.

The goal of the game is to pay for all debts inherited from the old economy. Unfortunately, the sum of the debt is higher than the sum of cash available. Consequently, players must collaborate. They receive a portfolio of cards representing the New Economic models, such as car or house sharing, recycling, and using free services online.

These New Economy cards have a virtual value and can be traded in for cash when used to pay off debts. After the whole deck has been used, if all of the debts have been paid off by the players, the player who has the most cash wins the game.

The playing cards comes in a beautiful serigraphy packaging shaped as a match box that contains the 154 playing cards. Smart Money Maker is a first edition card game made in Italy, funded on Kickstarter.

Designed & Produced by Laurence Humier.