Maho Tea Uji Sado Green Tea 80g


Uji Sado Green Tea Revere in the ancient traditions of the tea ceremony. This organic tea is a balanced blend of two of the most esteemed teas of the East, inspired by the green tea city of Uji, Japan. Tuned to your daily ritual.

Tea Format: Loose Leaf / Canister Weight 80g

Tea Origin: Zhejiang province, China

Ingredients: Organic Sencha, Organic Matcha

Hot Brew Instructions: 1 tsp loose leaf per 250ml 100°C (212°F) water first infusion: 3mins second infusion: 5mins TIPS: steep a little longer for a stronger taste

Cold Brew Instructions: 1 tsp loose leaf per 300ml cold water, brew in fridge for 6-8hours

Designed in Melbourne