Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream
Claus Porto


Effective and functional, Musgo Real Oak Moss shaving cream is enriched with lanolin and natural oils to soften your beard, allowing for a smoother, long-lasting and enjoyable shave, always ensuring the cleanest of clean cuts. Skin will feel fresh, soothed and replenished, and its fragrance combines aromatic notes of coriander with a profound woody core and understated layers of spices and hay. The result is simultaneously invigorating and comforting.

With extra moisturising properties, specially chosen ingredients such as Lanolin, Coconut oil, and Jojoba Oil aim at fresh, healthy-looking skin. All of this in a charming, retro-looking packaging that allows for Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream to be used up until it’s finished.

Top Notes - Lime & Coriander

Heart Notes - Spices & Hay

Base Notes - Woody Notes & Oak Moss

100ml, Made in Portugal.