Musgo Real Oak Moss Soap on Rope
Claus Porto


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Musgo Real Oak Moss Soap on Rope is an elegant touch of sophistication added to a simple daily gesture. It has a deep and distinctive scent. Its fragrance combines aromatic notes of coriander with a profound woody core and understated layers of spices and hay. The result is simultaneously invigorating and comforting.

It is formulated with 100% vegetable oils and enriched with walnut extract for a rich, smooth and creamy lather. In addition, each Musgo Real Oak Moss Soap on Rope comes with the Musgo Real’s emblematic pure cotton cord manually inserted by our expert staff for a firm grip, and it is hand-wrapped according to Claus Porto’s tradition. Handcrafted traditions perfected over 130 years ensure our soaps are effective and long-lasting.

Top Notes - Lime & Coriander

Heart Notes - Spices & Hay

Base Notes - Woody Notes & Oak Moss 

190gm, Made in Portugal.