Sori Yanagi Nambu Tekki Grill 22cm
Sori Yanagi


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These pans and pots are well designed and fit for purpose. You can cook better, serve better and wash better. They are pleasing on the eye and make our food look even better. Their simple design, durable material, and superb utility are why we love having them on our cooktop and dining table.

Designed by Sori Yanagi in 1999. Manufactured in Japan.

The unique functionality of these pots and pans lie in the shape of a slightly cured edge which makes it easy to pour liquids. The difference between "Nambu Tekki" and normal iron products is the thickness. Nambu Tekki absorbs and distributes the heat evenly. The Nambu Tekki won the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan in 2001.

It copes with all kinds of heat sources.

Size: 22cm (W330 x D250 x H90) 0.75L