Nanohana Candle Set


The Nanohana candle set brings with it a strong flame, creating an atmosphere perfect for table setting, meditation or yoga session. 

Nanohana, Japanese for young shoots of Rapeseed blossoms, where these candles are handmade from the extracted oil, giving them a yellow hue. 

These candles have a traditional wick made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi paper cylinder. The hollow reed allows air to pass up through the candle, allowing for a tall, intense flame. They burn cleanly with no odour, generates minimal soot and smoke.

Takazawa Candle was established in 1892, being one of the oldest candle makers in Japan. Producing traditional handmade candles derived from natural wax, called Warosuku. Warousoku have 2 main characteristics. One is that they use plant-based raw materials, and the other lies in the special way the wick is made.

The company has kept the traditional way of candle-making for over a century, and its candles are still being used in Buddhist temples. 

The Nanohana candle set includes 40 pieces, each 11cm high with a burn time of 55 minutes. 

Handmade in Japan.