Penco General Notebook Grid B7


Utilitarian to the core, the Penco General Notebook Grid in B7 is born to be your new daily pocket carry, a compact grab-and-go essential for writers, designers, artists and more.

Calling back to the clean no-nonsense aesthetic of the mid-century, these notebooks make for a brilliantly sturdy choice for the back pocket of your Levi's 501s.

Featuring a 5 x 5 grid, they are well suited for all tasks, whether you're notetaking, drafting or just noodling around. The plastic cover and flat-lay binding allow this little guy to not only fold all the way around on itself, but also take a real beating out in the field.

Penco General Notebook Grid B7 (9cm x 12.8cm x 1.1cm); 200 pages.