Pico Pao Tangram Linea
Pico Pao


How do you play PICO PAO - Tangram Linea?

Tangram Linea is no ordinary puzzle. The placement of the ‘tans’ and the observation of the figures come together to confer an aura of enigma and magic to the game, giving the Tangram its own special place in the world of puzzles and riddles.

The possibilities that it provides for our imagination are virtually infinite. Much like when we put together a collage, the individual pieces of a Tangram lose their identity and appear before our eyes, magically, as part of a new form.

PICO PAO - Tangram Linea is made up of seven flat, geometric pieces resulting from the dissection of a square. Each one of these pieces is called a ‘tan’ (part, in Chinese). There are 2 large triangles, 1 medium-sized triangle, 2 small triangles, a square and a rhomboid.

How is it that the partition of a square in 7 parts – these 7 in particular – can yield such a vast array of fascinating, evocative figures? We have yet to come up with an answer, despite our search in specialised publications and web sites; perhaps the question would best be put to a mathematician.

Made in Spain.