PKS Bronze Atik Mini Rake
Pks Bronze


The handy Atik mini rake by PKS bronze is perfectly designed for tidying borders and amongst plants. It's also good for loosening the soil and preparing for planting, especially in a raised bed.

With a solid copper alloy head and a beech wood handle it is a stunning gardening tool which will be cherished by anybody with a green thumb. Copper is known to help enrich soil and reduce the number of common pests like slugs and snails, letting your plants and shrubs flourish.

Founded in 1995, Austrian manufacturers PKS Bronze produce a range of classic garden tools with innovative bronze heads. Crafted like works of art, these solid bronze tools are just as remarkable for their rust resistance and sharp, clean edges, while the bronze and copper compound acts as a harmless deterrent to slugs and snails.

PKS Bronze Atik Mini Rake features six curved tines, 32cm long. The head is 14cm wide and the tines are 6cm deep.

Made in Austria.