Rohema Agogo Two Tone Block
Rohema Percussion


Rohema Agogo 2 Tone Block is made of Beechwood. 

Two tubular hollow bodies of different lengths are connected by a piece of wood to which a handle is attached. Children (and adults too) hold the instrument by the handle and hit the soundbox with the mallet to get a tone each.

In addition, the lower part of the mallet can be used to run over the notches on the surface of the sound body to produce a rattling sound. This two-part tubular scrap drum arouses early childhood curiosity and encourages children to learn and understand sound production on their own.

Rohema Percussion has been a family-owned Company specializing in drumsticks and percussion since 1888.

Also suitable for children from 3 years old. Conforms to EN 71 European Standard for Toy Safety. 

*Mallet included

Made in Germany.