Rohema Orff Set 3
Rohema Percussion


Rohema Orff Set 3 consists of a practical wooden storage box that contains Orff instruments for up to 13 children. Ideal for small groups, kindergartens and school classes. From Shakers, Claves, Rakataks, Guiro and a Wood Block to various bells, there is a wide selection of percussion instruments.

Set contains - 1x 2-tone Block, 1x Guiro Shaker, 2x 20mm Beech Claves,1x Mini Shaker Acacia, 1x Mini Shaker Walnut, 1x Rakatak High, 1x Rakatak Low, 2x Bell Stick, 1x Finger Rattle, 1x Wrist Bells High Pitch, 1x Wrist Bells Medium Pitch and 1x Wooden Mallet. 

Made in Germany.