Rollbahn Wide Spiral Notebook Grid Medium


A fresh twist on an undeniable stationery classic, the Rollbahn Wide Spiral Bound Notebook flips Delfonics' iconic notebook on its side to offer a new way to use your Rollbahn.

The inventive thinking behind the Rollbahn Wide reflects the way a great many of us work today – in front of our computers. With space between you and your laptop typically at a premium, the Rollbahn Wide's landscape format is designed to sit neatly in the space between you and your keyboard, as a venerable icon of stationery adapts to keep the role of the notebook alive in an increasingly screen-centric world. Inside are all the subtle features that made the Rollbahn such a cult-favourite, from the warm, creamy paper to the perforated edges that make it easy to tear away a page from the sturdy spiral binding. In the back, you'll also find clear pockets hidden away at the back, as we've come to expect from the beloved stationery icon. The Rollbahn Wide also features the signature spiral binding that makes it so easy to turn pages smoothly, and make the most of every square inch.

Crafted with incredible attention to detail, the Delfonics range of elegant, understated notebooks, diaries, pens, pouches and bags combines simple, subtle colour with invisible design to make life run more smoothly.

Landscape Medium 171mm W x 109mm H x 15mm D

5 x 5 grid

140 pages

Perforated pages | 5 clear pockets

Designed & made in Japan