Jose Gourmet Sardine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Word has it that the best sardines come from neighbouring waters. From the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Jose gets fresh sardines with a silver shine. Add quality olive oil to wine and dine! Olive oil has always been one of the desired partners in Portuguese cuisine, and only excellent ingredients can aspire to have memorable encounters with such a refined olive oil.

The sardines swam along the Atlantic coast, up and down, laughing and stretching, shaking and bending! That’s why our coast is as curvy as we know it!

Jose Gourmet brand goes off the beaten track by combining quality and food design. It offers the best of Portugal by meticulously selecting the origin of its products and packaging them in colourful illustrations by Portuguese designers.

Their producer is one of the oldest canning factories companies in Portugal. Their canned fish is manufactured by the traditional "pre-cooked" method, exclusively with fresh fish and by following conscious criteria the production ''in season'', in which the fish is considered in its best quality and flavour.

Made in Portugal.