Stansborough Carnival Woollen Throw Kids


Stansborough Carnival Woollen Throw Kids is made with 100% Stansborough Grey Brushed Wool.

This woven brushed wool soft twill throw adds a splash of colour and warmth to the home. The perfect accompaniment to a child’s room.

The wool comes from one of the rarest sheep in the world called a Stansborough Grey. Once shorn, the owners hand separate the wool into the 3 shades of grey that naturally occurs on its coat; these are then used in all Stansborough products un-dyed. After the wool is spun, it is then woven into throws, blankets and accessories using looms from the 1890s.

Size 140 x 190 cm. 

All processes are carried out in New Zealand, making Stansborough 100% traceable from farm to finished product. Where colour is used, they only work with biodegradable and eco-friendly dyes.

100% sustainably made in New Zealand.