Taylor and Smith Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - GIFT BOX
Taylor and Smith


Packaged in a custom designed display box.

A glass of sunshine Our process is slow, careful, nuanced and local. At our distillery we hand mill all Tasmanian malted barley; mash; ferment with our unique yeast profile and distill with direct firing. We use only the highest quality barrels to match our carefully crafted spirit; smelling, tasting and refining as it matures to ensure the best flavour.

Subtle caramelisation provides warmth and depth, and our Whisky takes on the character of an individual barrel, evoking the spirit of Tasmania, the seasons and the sun.

Our whiskies are only lightly flocked in order to preserve flavour. We choose not to chill filter our whisky as we believe that it alters the final flavour of the product. As a result, some bottles may appear to contain a small amount of residue in the bottom of the bottle if left sitting for a while, this is perfectly normal for lightly flocked whisky.

Awards Silver, Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, 2023 First Place in Dark Spirits at the 2021 Dieline Worldwide Package Design Competition Pinnacle in packaging at the Australian Graphic Designers Association Awards Gold Pentaward Style Vibrant, complex and passionate in flavour, soft and smooth on the palate. Ingredients Tasmanian grown malted barley, pristine snow melt water and our unusual yeast profile.

Tasting notes

BARREL 87B TASMANIAN BOURBON 50L Nose: caramel, toffee, rum & raisin, pine forest Palate: fruit bun, treacle tart, Old Gold chocolate, Jaffa cake

BARREL 73 TASMANIAN PINOT NOIR Nose: Rum and raisin, spice biscuits, fruit cake. Palate: Hot cross buns, plums, gingerbread, nutmeg. Finish: Soft texture with lingering malt, Christmas pudding and mild spice.

BARREL 74 RUBY PORT — EUROPEAN OAK, TRANSWOOD COOPERAGE Nose: Cinnamon danish, maple syrup, marmalade. Palate: Turkish delight, apricot, green banana, candied orange slices, sticky toffee pudding, dark chocolate. Finish: Creamy deliciousness.

44-45% Alc/Vol

Single malt + single cask

Hand numbered

Product of Hobart, Australia