Toyo Sasaki Glass Bowl Stackable
Toyo Sasaki


Toyo Sasaki Glass Bowl Stackable is made with high-grade soda-lime glass material developed by Toyo-Sasaki Glass. 

It achieves supreme clarity and brightness comparable to crystal glass which makes it an ideal material for glass tableware.

The glass edge has been physically toughened by a unique method called HS (Hard Strong), which tempers the glass by creating a compressive stress on the glass surface which results in extremely durable and scratch resistant glassware. 

The HS (Hard Strong) Series is their premier brand which has been used in the catering and restaurant industry for over 40 years and was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award.

Toyo Sasaki Glass Bowl Stackable quality and sturdy build makes it a suitable not only to food service establishments, but also for home use.

Measures approx. Ø 10 x H 6cm

Made in Japan.