Toyo Sasaki HS Platinum Stackable Tumblers 390ml (BOX OF 6)
Toyo Sasaki


By heating and rapidly cooling the glass surface, Toyo Sasaki created the Hard Strong ("HS") line with a strong tempered layer that is difficult to scratch and highly durable. As a result, this Toyo Sasaki HS Platinum Glass Tumbler features a remarkably thin and elegant profile while retaining the strength the HS line is known for.

The HS series made its debut as Japan's first commercialised glass-rim toughened glassware brand in 1967. The safety, quality, and value it provides have made HS the top brand in Japan's hospitality and foodservice industries.

Toyo-Sasaki Glass (TGS) was created in 2002 by two of Japan's oldest and largest glassware manufacturers. A company comprised of master craftsmen who specialise in glass making. TSG is now the largest glassware company in Japan, with a proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship.

Box of 6 x 390ml Tumblers 

Stackable and dishwasher safe.

Made in Japan.