Traveler's Notebook 2022 Weekly + Memo Diary Refill Regular
Traveler's Company Japan


Know exactly where your adventure is taking you with the Traveler's Notebook 2022 Weekly + Memo Diary Refill Regular. Plan your days down to the hour with the Weekly Vertical layout, so you can stay abreast of flight plans, visa deadlines and anything else you need to be ready for.

Or go for the Weekly and Memo layout, which gives you simple spaces on the left page to jot down the essential details for each day, with a grid layout on the right page for you to fill with notes, doodles, drawings, stickers, or anything else you like.

If you love longer-term planning, this refill also includes a yearly schedule you can use to layout your travel plans, as well as a journal guide with stickers to personalise your notebook.

It features two refills, with each covering a 6 month period (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec). On the left page, you will find the days of the week, with 7 spaces labelled with each day. The right page has a grid layout, with 5x5mm boxes for writing freely.

In the right column, the previous month and 4 subsequent months are printed for a quick overview of the months ahead. At the front of the notebook is a 4 month overview.

Regular size (21 x 11cm); choose from Weekly and Memo or Weekly Vertical.

68 pages x 2 notebooks and printed on MD Paper. Includes an annual calendar, monthly schedule, memo pages, journal guide (with stickers).

Made in Japan.