Valobra Lattuga Soap 150g


This exceptional and luxurious bathing soap is handmade in Genoa, Italy since 1903 by the Valobra family. Today the House of Valobra hand picks natural ingredients and fortifies each bar with vitamins.

The ancestry of good soap making still exists today with the Valobra soap masters seasoning each bar for six months and hard milling them several times with vegetable oils, pure essential oils, and vitamins.

Infused with the juice of fresh lettuce, vitamin E and lecithin, the lovely Lattuga soap holds moisture in delicate skin and is ideal for gentle, natural cleansing and makeup removal. It deep-cleanses the pores and acts as an emollient.

Perfect for sensitive skin and great for cleansing sunburned skin without irritating it further. 

Even today, Valobra’s soap bars are beautifully hand wrapped in original vintage tissue paper one-by-one and put in their original wonderful Art Deco boxes.

Every soap is matured for six months to drain water and offer a very high concentrated product. This is why every Valobra soap is equivalent to 4 normal soap bars!

150gm, Made in Italy.