Valobra Reseda Soap 150g


This exceptional and luxurious bathing soap is handmade in Genoa, Italy since 1903 by the Valobra family. Today the House of Valobra hand picks natural ingredients and fortifies each bar with vitamins.

The ancestry of good soap making still exists today with the Valobra soap masters seasoning each bar for six months and hard milling them several times with vegetable oils, pure essential oils, and vitamins.

Reseda (mignonette) is based on a garden annual that blooms bearing small, fragrant white flowers. It is a gentle botanical ingredient well suited to those with sensitive skin and delicate complexions.

Blended with moisturising ingredients including lecithin, vitamin E and wheat germ oil, this soap is ideal for use in winter and in dry climates.

150gm, Made in Italy.