Yoshita Peeler


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Handmade in Japan, the Yoshita Peeler is carefully shaped, filed, and crafted for optimal performance.

The rounded stainless steel bars allow for a comfortable grip, and the exceptionally sharp blade is excellent at peeling all sorts of fruits and vegetables very finely. The unicursal frame of the peeler is fixed with a single screw, making it easy to replace old blades.

Y shaped peelers are much preferred by chefs and professionals cooks for their flexibility and they can also be used in either hands, cut much thinner swaths (leaving more vegetable behind), and allow for multiple grips, depending on what’s being peeled.

Yoshita Peeler is perfect for slicing vegetables into very thin strips eg ribbon salad, vegetable spaghetti, quick pickles, stir fry and more.

Material - Stainless Steel

Designed and made by Moritaka Yoshita in his studio and workshop in Tsubame, Japan.