Il Bussetto. Traditional Meets The Modern

Il Bussetto. Traditional Meets The Modern


Today in the GENERAL NEWS we celebrate a very special product with you - the 'Coin Case' by handmade Milano brand, Il Bussetto.

Founded in 2004 by Mauro Gobbi, Il Bussetto creatively captures tradition and originality across its niche leather accessories.

At The Hub General Store, we love that Il Bussetto design particularly for those who are attracted to the sentiment of carrying products, both rare and handmade. 

Il Bussetto, today, is the result of Mauro Gobbi's painstaking efforts to reach the highest quality craftsmanship, so every customer can be sure to carry with them something truly unique and precious.

It's not until you physically hold an Il Bussetto Coin Case in your hand, that you appreciate the beauty of its artistry.- most notably the use of traditional Tuscan leather work techniques to entirely avoid seams.

Each of the 4 shapes have their own endearing character - From largest to smallest (But not by much) ; Big Tacco, Classic Tacco, Square Tacco and Egg Tacco.

Whether you use them to store trinkets, mints, keys or coins, an Il Bussetto Coin Case is limited only by your imagination. 

We hope you have a lovely week and look forward to seeing you in-store very soon.


The Shopkeeper Team