Traveler's Company Brass Template Bookmark Number


This multifunctional Traveler's Brass Template Bookmark Number is a great addition to your Traveler’s Notebooks. Like all Traveler’s brass accessories this item is made to last forever. The beautiful brass finish and the clip meant that this is one bookmark that won't bend or slip out.

It features a clip to act as a traditional bookmark, but has stencils of each number as well as an array of designs such as a plane, briefcase, clock and arrows. You can use it to effortlessly create page titles, labels, mark notebooks, books and documents with a consistent design that helps to capture exactly what you were up to at that moment.

Traveler's Brass Template Bookmark Number is made from 100% solid brass. Designed to age beautifully, these Traveler's Company brass products will only get better with time to become objects to treasure.

The numbers of this template are 8 mm tall. The special characters are up to 10 mm tall.

Made in Japan.