Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm


First designed in the 1930s, the German-made Kaweco AL Sport is a compact, reliable Mechanical pencil (0.7mm) with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look.

The hand-polished barrel feels smooth and light, and, at a mere 11cm long, the Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm fits unobtrusively into your pocket or pencil case.

This indexing style of pencil can be easily refilled with 0.7mm lead.

If you' re looking for a pencil that is durable, looks great and will offer day after day reliability this is a pencil well worth considering.

Each aluminium pencil body features a top knock button that dispenses lead with every click. The Germany-made pencils reveal a Kaweco metal logo on the top of the button. The cap removes to expose lead tube, allowing you to insert refill lead pieces.

Designed and Made in Germany.