Auntie Oti Rustic Versatile Cloth (Assorted)


Auntie Oti started in 2011 with the mission to spotlight traditional “non-designed” everyday Indian items-blankets and shawls, towels and napkins, men’s lungis and women's saris-made from khadi, fabric made from hand-spun yarn by craftspeople in small, government-sponsored weaving groups all across the country.  

The collection has since grown to include items we design using skills and techniques specific to India such as tie+dye, block printing and indigo dyeing; incorporating them into simple accessories, bedding, and clothing. Explore a tiny slice of India's beauty and love of craftsmanship that has dazzled the world for centuries in our small collection of humble, handmade pieces.

The Rustic fabrics can be used in a versatile fashion, as a wearable garment, bathroom, kitchen or table cloth.

Each garment is uniquely its own in colour and will vary, please let us know if you are after a particular colour and we'll try our best to match it. However we can't guarantee the colour will be available. 

Assorted cloth designs. Online orders chosen randomly, depending on availability.

Size may vary slightly: 1550 x 800mm.

Handmade in India.