Carriere Freres La Rose Aime la Menthe Paletes Botaniques Set


Carriere Freres La Rose Aime la Menthe candle - In between the two families - Rosaceae and Lamiacea - there is no love lost. Blended in a candle, the Rosa shrub and the perennial plant live a romantic idyll: when cold, the scent of fresh mint takes over and when warm, the soft perfume of rose prevails. These two were meant to be.

On the candle’s label, outlined with a golden rim, a bouquet of roses embraces a few sprigs of spearmint. All in all, the story is simple: rose loves mint and vice versa! Falling in love is an easy game to play.

Carriere Freres has the same lineage as Cire Trudon candles. Originating from one of the oldest and most reputable candle companies in the world.

Handmade in France.