Carriere Freres Taper Candle Tomato


It is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. A fleshy berry from the Solanaceae family of plants, native to north-western South America, the tomato takes its name from the deformation of the Inca word ‘tomalt’.

Its vegetable flavour, both tangy and sweet, evokes indulgence. Its green note places it in the heart of a field, where the ripest are ready to be picked. Surprising and unusual, its fragrance can be enjoyed all year round.

Scented taper candles bring back the memory of decorative candles used to embellish tables at the beginning of the 20th Century, thus reconnecting us with the early years of the brand, founded in 1884.

100% vegetable wax from organic European rapeseed.

 6 per box

Burning time: 10 hours

Dimensions: Ø: 2,2cm, H: 20cm

Handmade in France.