Carriere Freres Taper Candles Cedar
Carriere Freres


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A conifer of the Pinaceae family native to North Africa, cedar is an aromatic, durable and light wood. It has always been appreciated by cabinet makers and sculptors and is also known for its medicinal properties; its resin was used in ancient Egypt.

Cedar is a dry, sophisticated, enveloping and comforting woody note. Its unique resin is powerful and pervasive, and was used by Egyptian priests in the embalming process.

Scented taper candles bring back the memory of decorative candles used to embellish tables at the beginning of the 20th Century, thus reconnecting us with the early years of the brand, founded in 1884.

100% vegetable wax from organic European rapeseed.

 6 per box

Burning time: 10 hours

Dimensions: Ø: 2,2cm, H: 20cm

Handmade in France.