The Hub General Store Creamed Honey


The Hub General Store Creamed Honey is made from Australian Grey Box Honey, locally sourced in Central Victoria.

Grey Box, Eucalyptus microcarpa, is one of the most important and useful Eucalypts for beekeepers in Victoria, very regular in its flowering habits producing ample nectar and pollen every year.

This creamed honey is crystallised and whipped to a creamy consistency, bottled and cooled to set.

The Hub General Store Creamed Honey features a lovely aromatic strong flavour and caramel aftertaste. It has a smooth, sumptuous texture that is perfect as a spread but preserves the goodness of raw honey. 

Beautiful packaged in German made Weck jars, fit for the table or the pantry. It will stay consistently soft and smooth until used. Please return your Jar for a $4 discount on your next Honey purchase.

Made in Australia.